12/01/2012 - Four New MiniPaks Released!
'Flamenco', 'Udu Utar', 'Euclid' and 'Sophistica' are now available.
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11/19/2012 - Jamstix 3.5 Released
Major update supporting native 64-bit and RTAS.
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12/29/2011 - 'LinearFunk' Released
Meet 'Gari' who can linearize any groove!
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12/19/2011 - Jamstix 3.3.0 Released
Fixed issues with 64-bit hosts and many enhancements.
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09/05/2011 - 'Breakbeat' Released
A small but powerful MiniPak with breakbeat style, drummer and kits.
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Jamstix 3.2.0 Released

Many enhancements and fixes.
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AIPak Released

From Tango to Jungle Punk...more styles and drummers for Jamstix!
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Jamstix 3.1.0 Released

Many enhancements and fixes for 64-bit and multi-core systems.
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Jamstix 3.0.2 Released

Adds a compact interface option and many enhancements and bug fixes
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Jamstix 3 Released

The brand-new version of Jamstix is now available!
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Jamstix 2.5.2 Released

This update has several enhancements and bug fixes.
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Drummer Model 'Mark' Released

This intricate drummer model is FREE for all our customers.

Jamstix 2.5.1 Released

Important fixes and several enhancements.
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11/29/2008 - Jamcussion Released
The most complex Jamstix expansion, yet! Adds 35 hand percussion instruments and a separate hand drummer 'brain'.
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11/29/2008 - Jamstix 2.5.0 Released
Many enhancements, new styles, TD-20 support and several bug fixes.
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04/09/2008 - Jamstix 2.2.1 Released
This update fixes multi-core and data issues that some users see with 2.2.0.
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03/25/2008 - BonzoPak Released
Big maple kit with 26" kick, 2002 series cymbals and MASSIVE ambience!
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03/17/2008 - Jamstix 2.2.0 Released!
Many new features, improvements and bug fixes.
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11/23/2007 - MetalPak Released!
The first Jamstix 2 expansion is here! A 275MB metal kit with 5 new styles and 6 new drummers!
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11/22/2007 - Jamstix 2.1.4 Released!
Workflow improvements, restore points (UNDO) and several fixes.
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10/25/2007 - Jamstix 2.1 Released!
New skins, improved stability, many fixes and enhancements.
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8/20/2007 - Jamstix 2 Released!
New GUI, new style & drummer modeling and much, much more!
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2/14/2007 - Jamstix 1.81 Update Released!
This is a hotfix for 1.8
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2/12/2007 - Jamstix 1.8 Update Released!
Compatibility fixes for Vista and DEP, new multi-threaded sound loading, new mappings for EZDrummer and Addictive Drums and much more!
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1/29/2007 - 4Front TruePianos Cross Discount Program
4Front and Rayzoon announce their 30% cross discount program
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11/8/2006 - Jamstix 1.71 Update Released!
Several fixes and new features!
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11/3/2006 - Rayzoon Merchandise Available
You can now buy Rayzoon T-shirts, mugs, caps etc. to help us spread the word.

8/28/2006 - Jamstix 1.7 Released!
Reduced CPU usage, brand-new jam mode 'Keyboard Jam', 20 new rhythms, improved fill functionality, new automation parameters and many more enhancements and bug fixes!
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5/8/2006 - ePak Released!
Electronic sounds for Jamstix...finally!
100 sounds, 60 rhythms, 30 mappings and just $19...
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5/1/2006 - Jamstix 1.61 Released!
Another big update: improved mapping load screen with filters and preview, 12 new fills, 24 new rhythms, dozens of improvements and new features!
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2/1/2006 - SnarePak Released!
Eleven snares from 10" to 14" wide, 3.5" to 7" deep, maple, birch, brass, alloy and much more. It's the 'sound multiplier' for your Jamstix kits!
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2/1/2006 - Jamstix 1.5 Released!
A massive update with loads of enhancements!
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1/25/2006 - FreePak Released!
Download a new kit absolutely free! Even works with the Jamstix Demo.
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11/25/2005 - DrumPak #2 Released!
500MB of new sounds! A whole new tight rock kit with loads of new cymbals that also comes with the new close-stereo option and a full rod kit!
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11/17/2005 - Jamstix 1.42 Update Available!
Several enhancements and full support for the DrumPak #2 close stereo option.

11/4/2005 - BrushPak Released!
A brushed kit with sizzle cymbal, new snare brushing controls, new rhythms, new characters!

11/1/2005 - Jamstix 1.4 Update Available!
Many enhancements and fixes and DrumPak #1 compatibility

9/26/2005 - DrumPak #1 Released!
The first sound add-on for Jamstix is now available! Add a beautiful birch kit with crisp 13" hats, an expressive 22" ride and a wonderful 18" crash to your Jamstix sound palette!

9/23/2005 - Jamstix 1.32 Update Available!
Many enhancements and fixes but, most of all, this update supports the DrumPak #1 sound expansion.

8/5/2005 - Jamstix 1.3 Released!
A massive update with 40+ new fills and intros, 'Character' control, expanded cymbal panel, improved shuffle mode, auto hihat foot control, percussion MIDI automation, many GUI improvements, many bug fixes and much more!

6/2/2005 - DFH Custom & Vintage Mappings Available
Jamstix mappings for DFH Custom & Vintage are now available in the Downloads section.

5/10/2005 - Jamstix Update 1.2 has been released!
Many more enhancements and fixes, including tighter timing with support for high-latency environments, bar locking, improved MIDI-Out Only mode, enhanced MIDI Export and much more...

5/10/2005 - Bundle Deal! Jamstix +DirectiXer Available!
For those using Sonar or other hosts that support DXi but not VST, here is some good news! You can now buy DirectiXer with Jamstix as a bundle and save 35% off the DirectiXer list price!

4/18/2005 - Jamstix Update 1.1 has been released!
Lots of customer-requested enhancements and many fixes! MIDI velocity trim &mapping, support for time signature changes (also allow "odd" time signatures), preview at host tempo, instant fill triggers, reduced project and plugin size, bar offsets, more MIDI automation and much more...

4/4/2005 - Jamstix Update 1.02G has been released!
Offers many fixes and enhancements, such as LiveLoops, Audio-In Velocity Maps, MIDI-Out Only mode, improved host synchronization, improved n-Track compatibility, fixed problems with Cakewalk VST wrapper, improved MIDI-Out Mode and much more...

3/25/2005 - Jamstix Has Been Released!

3/12/2005 - Jamstix Demo Update 0.99Q Released
This is an important update that fixes GUI issues in Cubase, audio-in issues in Tracktion, improves audio tracking and offers a variety of other fixes. Download here and check the Revision History for details of this update

3/8/2005 - Jamstix Demo Update 0.99M Released
The latest update to the demo adds a lot of functionality, further improves subhost stability and provides many fixes. Download here and check the Revision History for details of this update

3/4/2005 - Jamstix Demo Update 0.99G Released
We released another update to the demo, which improves stability when using an external VSTi, improves 6/8 free jam, adds Solo/Mute switches, adds MIDI automation for fills, an improved subhost screen with preset menu, improved switch labels and various minor fixes. Download here and check the Revision History for details of this update

3/2/2005 - Pre-Ordering Now Available!

2/26/2005 - Jamstix Demo Update 0.99C Released
We released another update to the demo, which removes the annoying audio reminders, fixes a few issues and adds control of the MIDI output channel.Download here and check the Revision History for details of this update

2/25/2005 - audioM8 Plugin For Jamstix Released
A new updated demo version of Jamstix has just been released! This one includes the audioM8 plugin, which allows you to audio-jam in hosts that do not route audio to VST instruments. An update for those who installed the older demo is also available. Grab them here

2/24/2005 - Jamstix Demo Version Is Now Available
The demo version of Jamstix has just been released! Grab it here

2/17/2005 - Rhythm editing tutorial released
A new rhythm editing tutorial is now available for download here

2/13/2005 - Three Jamstix video tutorials released
The first three video tutorials for Jamstix have been released here

2/8/2005 - Audio Demo "Jam With BFD" Released
Two audio demos showing audio jamming with BFD and guitar have been released here

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