"M A R K"

Over the last four years, thousands of people chose to become our customers for which we are very grateful. It has been a great ride so far and we're looking forward to pushing the Jamstix concept to new heights in the coming years. As a token of our appreciation, we have created the 'Mark' drummer model and made it available to all Jamstix customers, free of charge. Simply download the ZIP file below and copy the Mark.jxp file within it to the '\data\players\' folder of your Jamstix installation.

This drummer model makes full use of all that the Jamstix 2 engine has to offer. Try this: load the '8th Rock' style with the 'Machine' drummer. Listen to a few bars and then select 'Mark'. Enjoy the difference!

As you know, our drummer models are not endorsed by actual human drummers with the same first name as the model. However, the inspiration for this model is an actual drummer whose powerful and intricate style of playing inspired many drummers in the 80s. We hope this model, while falling far short of the wide range of his capabilities, can nevertheless pay hommage to this artist.

  • groove alteration, such as skip kick and hihat dynamics as well as snare/hihat redirection to toms
  • extensive range of accents, including complex hihat techniques and special downbeat accents
  • snare marching groove elements
  • wide range of unique fill elements

PLEASE NOTE: this model uses new fill features of the upcoming Jamstix 2.5.2. The fill capabilities of this model are simplified when used with Jamstix 2.5.1 but it will work fine. If you want to use this model to its fullest extent now, please go to your download page and get the latest 2.5.2 Beta.

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