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Expansions & MiniPaks

Styles & Drummers

Notes on these audio demos: drum sounds are all Jamstix 3XL, no host effect processing, no host MIDI editing
D E M O    V E R S I O N
Demo Limitations
  • random audio noise
  • very limited stock kit (reduced layers, sounds and articulations)
  • no XL sounds
  • MIDI output and export set all notes to 'Kick'
  • Some 'Save' functions are disabled
Download Demo Jamstix 3.5.0 Demo (63MB)
VST-32,VST-64 and RTAS
Revision history
Quickstart Video Tutorial

If you encounter any other issues installing or using the demo or have any questions about Jamstix, please feel free to contact us via E-mail or in our forum.


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