XL Pak
  • complete fusion kit
  • complete rock kit
  • brushed kit with sizzle cymbal
  • rock kit with rods
  • 3 kick drums
  • 15 snare drums
  • 16 toms
  • 4 hihats
  • 8 crash/5 ride/1 china cymbal
  • 100 electronic sounds
Total sample content: 1.2GB

  • adds 3 separate hand percussionists to the Jamstix A.I., including bar editor support
  • adds separate percussion kit with 12 slots
  • 26 new styles covering Latin, African and Middle-Eastern rhythms
  • djembes, bongos, congas, darbukas, timbales
  • cajon, udu, cowbells, tambourines, shakers, triangles
  • maracas, cabasa, gong, rainstick and more
Total sample content: 329MB
AI Pak
  • 30 new styles and 8 new drummers
  • Songo, Punk, Big Band, New Orleans, Bo Diddley and more
  • dedicated jazz drummer "Peter"
  • 192 new presets
  • Ludwig© Maple drums
    Paiste© 2002 cymbals
  • massive (but adjustable) ambience
  • includes mallet-played kits
  • single output and multi-output kits
  • 10 new Jamstix styles
Total sample content: 990MB
  • Gretsch© Renown Maple & AA/AAX cymbals
  • aggressive & punchy
  • five new styles
  • six new drummers
  • single output and multi-output kits
Total sample content: 285MB

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